Project Benefits

Concept design of train arriving at Cheltenham Station

The biggest transport infrastructure investment in Victorian history – Suburban Rail Loop will shape our city and state for future generations, ensuring Melbourne remains one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Victoria’s population is expected to grow to around 11.2 million by 2056, with Melbourne to be home to around nine million people – a global city the same size as London today.

Suburban Rail Loop will do more than transform our public transport network – the new transport connections and investments in station precincts will influence where people choose to live and where businesses choose to locate, helping Melbourne grow in a planned and sustainable way. 

Delivered in stages over several decades, the construction and delivery of Suburban Rail Loop will create thousands of direct local jobs and will help to train the next generation of apprentices, trainees and cadets.

Project benefits

Concept design of SRLA branded train travelling through tunnel

As Victoria’s population grows, the transport system will need to cope with an additional 11.8 million trips per day by 2050.

SRL will deliver cross-suburb transport to key destinations, connecting people to places, jobs, health and education and each other. It will provide a turn-up-and-go service and quick and convenient interchanges with existing lines, transforming how we move around Melbourne.

With SRL East from Cheltenham to Box Hill and SRL North from Box Hill to Melbourne Airport delivered, it will

  • Improve travel efficiency for more than 80 per cent of Melburnians
  • Cut traffic congestion and take more than 600,000 car trips off the roads and freeways every day
  • Reduce crowding on existing public transport
  • Deliver a second direct rail link to Melbourne Airport including for many regional passengers
  • Provide convenient interchanges with every major rail service from the Frankston line to the Werribee line
  • Connect regional Victorians to key destinations via transport super hubs at Clayton, Broadmeadows and Sunshine
  • Deliver frequent services, with trains every six minutes in the peak, increasing (with demand) to every two minutes
  • Provide enjoyable experiences for passengers, with high tech trains delivering a smooth, comfortable service, mobile coverage and smartphone-compatible journey information

SRL East

SRL East from Cheltenham to Box Hill will be delivered by 2035, slashing public transport travel times for people in Melbourne’s south east and travellers on the Gippsland line.

  • A journey from Cheltenham to Box Hill will be just 22 minutes, with trains taking 3–4 minutes between stations
  • Commuters hopping on at the start of the line near Southland will save between 40–60 minutes when travelling to Monash, Glen Waverley or Burwood by train – and up to two hours on a return journey
  • A trip from Lilydale to Monash University will be 20–40 minutes quicker with a seamless interchange at Box Hill
  • A one-way trip from Cranbourne to Deakin University will be cut by 20–40 minutes
  • Travel times between Traralgon and Box Hill Hospital will be around 26 minutes faster – taking around two and a half hours instead of three and making train travel times comparable to a car trip

SRL workers taking soil samples

Suburban Rail Loop will create a long-term pipeline of work, generating thousands of local job opportunities and helping train the next generation of skilled workers.

  • SRL East and SRL North will support up to 24,000 jobs across the Victorian economy
  • Up to 8,000 direct jobs will be created as part of delivering SRL East from Cheltenham to Box Hill, with construction starting in 2021
  • More than 5,000 additional direct jobs created as part of delivering SRL North from Box Hill to Melbourne Airport
  • Thousands more jobs created during delivery of SRL West from the airport to Werribee
  • Opportunities for up to 10 per cent of the workforce to be trainees, apprentices and cadets

Beyond the many jobs delivered during construction, SRL will create major economic activity centres around the new stations, transforming Melbourne into a city of multiple employment centres.

  • SRL Precincts from Cheltenham to Melbourne Airport will be home to almost 550,000 jobs by 2056 – about the same number of jobs as there are in the CBD today
  • 165,000 jobs will locate in these areas because of SRL, helping create more jobs closer to where people live – all within a short walk from a station

Pedestrians crossing road

Suburban Rail Loop will open up a host of new social and economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Victorians by creating greater access to jobs, health services, education and affordable housing.

Greater investment, urban planning and new initiatives near the stations will build on the strengths of Melbourne’s already vibrant middle suburbs. SRL will

  • Generate significant new business and employment opportunities closer to home
  • Deliver 47,500 new households in SRL Precincts, including more social and affordable housing
  • SRL will improve access to employment for 70 per cent of people in Melbourne’s middle suburbs and for 72 per cent in the outer suburbs
  • Help plan and deliver new and improved services, local infrastructure and recreational facilities in these neighbourhoods
  • Deliver new and improved open and public space, and more walking and cycling paths

V-Line train arriving at Sunbury Station

Regional passenger lines will be connected to Suburban Rail Loop via three transport super hubs at Clayton, Broadmeadows and Sunshine. This will have significant benefits for regional Victorians who commute to Melbourne for work, study, services and leisure, and for visitors and tourism to regional communities.

SRL will

  • Enable passengers to travel to world-class education and health services, jobs and retail in the middle suburbs, without having to go through the CBD
  • Deliver faster and more direct journeys. For example, a passenger from Wallan will save 45 minutes on a one-way public transport trip to Deakin University at Burwood
  • Provide a convenient transport link to and from Melbourne Airport
  • Provide greater access to thousands more employment opportunities in the middle suburbs of Melbourne
  • Boost tourism and visitors to regional Victoria, which will also help to create more jobs in regional communities

Two people walking beside a pond in a Box Hill park.

Positive environmental outcomes are at the core of Suburban Rail Loop’s design, delivery and operation, helping people make more sustainable travel choices.

SRL will

  • Encourage more people onto public transport and take more cars off the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide better active transport options, such as walking and cycling paths around the stations and quality storage facilities for bikes
  • Reduce noise, air, and water pollution
  • Reduce demand on resources such as energy, water and materials through efficient design, recovery and innovative technologies
  • Focus on cooling and greening these communities with increased tree canopies
  • Deliver new and enhanced open and public space