Data Collection

Use of information

Rail Projects Victoria may use the information you provide to communicate with you about Suburban Rail Loop, consider and respond to enquiries, requests, applications or complaints, plan and manage the design and delivery of the Project, gain a better understanding of RPV's stakeholders' questions or concerns about the Project to allow our team to respond to enquiries more efficiently, and to inform future public information and engagement activities.

Disclosure to third parties

Rail Projects Victoria may disclose the information you provide to a third party, such as a rail operator or authority, Public Transport Victoria, the Department of Transport or a contractor engaged to help deliver Suburban Rail Loop, an external company that delivers mail on behalf of RPV, technology service providers, to respond to your enquiry or concerns, or at handover of the completed Project to the authority responsible for the rail network. RPV may publish images, e.g. in RPV's reports, website and social media pages. RPV is subject to additional privacy requirements under the Information Privacy Principles and Health Privacy Principles when transferring personal information to third parties outside Victoria. This may occur in some cases including in relation to some technology providers.