Stage One train stabling

Suburban Rail Loop will link every major rail line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line, via the airport, better connecting Victorians to jobs, retail, education, health services and each other. It will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs and deliver integrated precinct development associated with its new stations.


The Stage One alignment has been confirmed, with new underground stations surrounded by emerging and developing precincts at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill.


A train stabling facility is required near the start of the line to allow Suburban Rail Loop’s fleet of new high-tech trains to begin services efficiently each day.


Train stabling is where trains are parked when not in operation.


While the trains are in the facility they are cleaned, maintained and prepared for the next day’s operations.


A dedicated train stabling facility is a critical part of the new Suburban Rail Loop network. It would not be possible to provide high frequency turn up and go train services for passengers without it.

Suburban Rail Loop will require a modern, efficient train stabling facility consisting of:

  • A fenced, open-air site

  • Train tracks

  • Connections to the main train line

  • Train signalling and communication systems

  • A building to support operations

  • A maintenance facility

Victoria’s growing population, mostly centred in suburban Melbourne, makes it more challenging to find suitably sized parcels of land for critical enabling infrastructure such as train stabling.


The proposed site for Suburban Rail Loop’s dedicated train stabling is at Heatherton, bordered by Old Dandenong and Kingston Roads, and we are currently carrying out investigations at this site.

Area under consideration


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The Stage One alignment, including the proposed train stabling at Heatherton, will be subject to a robust planning assessment and approval process. Local communities will have a number of opportunities to input into this process.


Suburban Rail Loop Authority is committed to working with local residents and traders during the planning and development stage and throughout future project stages of Suburban Rail Loop.


Actively engaging with residents, businesses and other key stakeholders will help to inform project design and measures to minimise potential impacts on the local community.


Properties neighbouring the proposed train stabling site have received this letter.


You can provide your feedback on the proposed train stabling at Heatherton, directly via the survey below.


Should you have any questions about the project please contact the Suburban Rail Loop information help line at 1800 105 105 or via the Contact page.

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