Have you received a letter from SRLA?

Construction on Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop from Cheltenham to Box Hill is starting in 2022.

The 26 kilometre rail tunnel and six new stations will be primarily underground, significantly minimising land impacts. However, while every effort is being made to minimise impacts to homes and businesses, the scale and complexity of Suburban Rail Loop means there will be some unavoidable disruption and land acquisition.

This letter was sent to more than 135,000 households and businesses in the broad project corridor for Stage One (Cheltenham to Box Hill) in February/March 2020. Its purpose was to ensure communities across this area were aware of Suburban Rail Loop and the fact that we were undertaking early ground investigations and other studies as part of design development work.  

If you have received this letter, you are among several thousand landowners and tenants we have written to in the general vicinity of the proposed stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill, to ensure you are aware of the project and potential future disruption.


This letter is to make sure you are aware of the project and that you may notice increased activity around your local area in the coming months, as we continue geotechnical works and other ground investigations to support the detailed design and planning required for the project.

On Sunday 15 November, Suburban Rail Loop Authority dropped this letter to the landowners and tenants of up to 300 homes and businesses to provide them with early notification that their property may be impacted by the project. If you received this letter, your property is in an ‘area of interest’ for Suburban Rail Loop.

These ‘areas of interest’ have been identified as the general locations of the six new underground stations, but it is important to note that the precise station footprints and station entrances are yet to be determined. Further technical work and ground investigations are needed in these areas before station footprint and entrance details can be confirmed. It is our priority to communicate any likely impacts to affected landowners and tenants as soon as plans for the stations are confirmed – expected to be in the first half of 2021. 


As with other big infrastructure projects, some property acquisition will be unavoidable due to the complexity and scale of the underground construction required. All affected landowners and tenants will be treated fairly and with respect; in most cases properties will not need to be vacated for several years. As with those other major projects, appropriate compensation will be provided to landowners and tenants under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986

At any time, you can call us on 1800 105 105, or can get in touch via the online contact page.

If you would like to know more about the process of land acquisition and compensation, you can read our factsheet here: Land Acquisition and Compensation (PDF)