SRL Stage One Train Stabling Facility Update Letter

This letter and brochure were sent out in April 2021 to the community near the stabling site in Heatherton. They include information detailing why the stabling site was chosen and address feedback from members of the community regarding the facility.

April 2021

Dear Owner/Occupier,


I am writing to update you on Suburban Rail Loop and the proposed train stabling facility at Heatherton.

Suburban Rail Loop is a city and State-shaping infrastructure project that will transform Victoria’s public transport system, connecting our suburbs and making travel easier and more convenient.

Connecting every major train line from the Frankston Line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport, the new rail link will improve access to housing, jobs, schools, universities, and hospitals in Melbourne’s middle suburbs.

Suburban Rail Loop will create up to 20,000 jobs during construction and kickstart the careers of 2,000 apprentices, trainees and cadets. Early Works on Stage One of the project, set to commence in 2022, will create up to 800 direct jobs. The train stabling facility is expected to deliver more than 200 permanent local jobs.

A train stabling facility is required near the start of the rail line to allow Suburban Rail Loop’s fleet of new high-tech trains to begin services efficiently each day. Train stabling is a critical part of the new Suburban Rail Loop and it would not be possible to provide high frequency turn up and go services without it.

The Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) assessed land availability and existing land use between Cheltenham and Clayton. As a result of these investigations, the preferred location is in Heatherton, bordered by Old Dandenong and Kingston Roads.

Many of the available parcels of land between Cheltenham and Clayton are mixed landfill sites (as opposed to the Old Dandenong Road site, which is clean landfill) and raise significant environmental, operational, constructability, and cost implications for the Victorian community. Other options also represent a significant impact on parkland, agricultural land, local jobs and would require significant acquisition of people’s homes and businesses.

The proposed location at Heatherton will minimise residential and commercial property acquisition, impacts on local jobs, impacts on local agricultural land and impacts on the environment.

In December 2020, SRLA wrote to update you on Suburban Rail Loop and provide details of the proposed train stabling facility at Old Dandenong Road, Heatherton. We also invited you to provide feedback via an online survey on our website.

SRLA has received many survey responses as well as enquiries and feedback provided via the Suburban Rail Loop 1800 information line and website. I would like to thank you if you took the time to share your views.

SRLA has carefully reviewed the responses provided to us and identified the topics the community has highlighted as requiring more information from the project team.

The attached document What We've Heard So Far: Community Feedback on Train Stabling for Suburban Rail Loop provides a summary of community feedback to-date and addresses the topics that have been identified, ahead of further engagement opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

Train stabling subject to an Environment Effects Statement

The rail infrastructure for Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop will be assessed through an Environment Effects Statement (EES) – Victoria’s most comprehensive and transparent planning and environmental assessment process.

Supported by a range of technical investigations, the EES will carefully consider the potential impacts of Suburban Rail Loop, including the proposed train stabling at Heatherton.

Local communities will have opportunities to provide input during this process. You can find more information about the EES at

Have Your Say online survey remains open

If you haven’t already, we invite your feedback on the proposed train stabling at Heatherton, via the online survey.

Further engagement with residents, businesses and other key stakeholders will remain a priority for SRLA.

The attached document What We've Heard So Far: Community Feedback on Train Stabling for Suburban Rail Loop provides more details about planned community engagement for the coming weeks and months.

To contribute to the survey and access the most up-to-date information about community engagement, visit the Have Your Say page at

Should you have any questions please contact the Suburban Rail Loop information help line on 1800 105 105 or via the Contact page on our website.

Yours sincerely

Frankie Carroll
Suburban Rail Loop Authority

SRL Stage One Train Stabling Facility Update Letter (PDF)