SRL Stage One Alignment Update Letter

This letter was sent out in June 2021 to landowners and tenants along the Stage One alignment. It is to ensure they are aware that their properties are in an area of interest for the Stage One tunnels. The letter also includes information about the tunnels’ construction and how properties sitting above them at surface level would remain unaffected.

May 2021

Dear Owner/Occupier



I am writing to update you on Suburban Rail Loop and provide information on how the planning and development of Stage One: Cheltenham to Box Hill, including the 26km twin tunnel alignment, is progressing.

Suburban Rail Loop will transform Victoria’s public transport system, connecting our suburbs and making travel easier and more convenient. It will connect every major train line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport, improving access to housing, jobs, schools, universities and hospitals in Melbourne’s middle suburbs.

Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop will connect our growing health, education, retail and employment precincts in Melbourne’s south east between Cheltenham and Box Hill. It involves delivering:

  • Twin 26-kilometre rail tunnels
  • Four new stations with links to existing stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Glen Waverley and Box Hill
  • Two new Suburban Rail Loop stations at Monash and Burwood
  • A stabling and maintenance facility to support the new rail line
  • Supporting infrastructure for the operation of the new tunnels and stations
  • A dedicated fleet of high-tech trains to transform how Melbourne moves.

Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) is responsible for the planning and delivery of Suburban Rail Loop on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Planning and design work, along with ground investigations and stakeholder consultation, has helped us identify specific areas of interest for the locations of the six stations and the route of the twin tunnels linking them.

Stage One rail tunnel alignment

The work undertaken to date identifies that your property at <<PROP_ADDRESS>> is in an area of interest for the Stage One tunnels.

This means that the Suburban Rail Loop tunnels may travel under your property, constructed by Tunnel Boring Machines; on average, across the 26km route these tunnels will be around 26 metres deep - or the equivalent of six storeys underground.

The exact underground tunnel alignment is still to be determined. As was done for the Metro Tunnel Project by Rail Projects Victoria, if required, SRLA will conduct a formal process to acquire underground land for the Suburban Rail Loop tunnels once design is confirmed. The project team will keep all affected property owners updated.

It is important to note that only underground (sub strata) land needed to safely construct the tunnels and provide for their long-term protection would be acquired. Your property above at surface level would remain unaffected.

Planning and environmental assessment process

Like other major infrastructure projects, Suburban Rail Loop requires extensive statutory approvals.  

In December 2020, the Victorian Planning Minister determined that rail infrastructure for Stage One will be assessed through an Environment Effects Statement (EES) – Victoria’s most robust planning and environmental assessment process. 

Supported by a range of technical investigations and studies, the EES will carefully consider and assess the potential impacts on people and the environment. 

Over coming months, we will be seeking feedback on Stage One project design, including the stations, proposed tunnel alignment and supporting infrastructure from landowners and tenants, businesses, community members, councils, universities, and regulatory authorities.

You can currently provide feedback at

There will also be an opportunity for you to participate in the formal EES process during its public exhibition phase, expected in late 2021.

Initial construction of Stage One is expected to start in 2022, subject to required approvals.

Find out more

Over coming weeks and months, we will be engaging with the community to provide more information about Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop and to seek your views and ideas about this transformational project.

I encourage you to register for regular project updates so you can stay up to date with opportunities to provide your feedback. You can do this by visiting our website at

Should you have any questions please contact the Suburban Rail Loop information help line on 1800 105 105 or via the Contact page on our website.


Yours sincerely

Frankie Carroll
Suburban Rail Loop Authority

SRL Stage One Alignment Update Letter (PDF)

For more information about the tunnel alignment, visit our frequently asked questions.