SRL Stage One Stations Area of Interest Letter

This letter was sent out in November 2020 to landowners and tenants of up to 300 homes and businesses to provide them with early notification that their property may be impacted by the project. If you received this letter, your property is in an ‘area of interest’ for Suburban Rail Loop.

November 2020


Dear Owner/Occupier




I am writing to update you on the Suburban Rail Loop project, and to provide further details on the proposed station locations for Stage One (Cheltenham to Box Hill).


Suburban Rail Loop is a new railway line that will connect every existing major train line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line, and improve access to housing, jobs, schools, universities and hospitals in Melbourne’s middle suburbs.


Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) is responsible for the planning and delivery of this transformational project for the Victorian Government.


In March 2020, we wrote to residents and businesses between Cheltenham and Box Hill to advise that the broad alignment for Stage One had been confirmed. Stage One will be built as a twin-tunnel, standalone line, that will fully integrate into our existing public transport network with new underground stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill.


Planning and design work, along with ground investigations and stakeholder consultation, has helped us identify specific areas of interest for the locations of these stations.


Your property at <<PROP_ADDRESS>> is in an area of interest for the proposed station at <<STATION_LOCATION>>. It is important that you are aware of both the project and this area of interest.


What this means for you


Stage One (Cheltenham to Box Hill) will be tunnelled underground to minimise potential land impacts. However, for any project the scale and complexity of Suburban Rail Loop, there will be some unavoidable surface impacts (including property acquisition) and disruptions during construction.


It is important to note the exact footprint of the station has not yet been confirmed and that project design and construction methodology is not finalised and remains subject to ongoing refinement and a planning and environmental assessment and statutory approvals process.


However, SRLA wants to alert landowners and tenants in the areas of interest as soon as possible as part of our commitment to keep potentially affected parties informed.


We are now undertaking further technical and design work, including engineering and geotechnical investigations, and engagement to refine and confirm the exact locations and footprints of the stations, including critical elements such as entrances.


SRLA teams are drilling boreholes to collect data and information about local ground conditions to support the detailed design and planning. These investigations and other assessments will be concentrated around the areas of interest for the proposed station locations, so you may notice increased local activity.


The investigations will be undertaken on public and private land under strict health controls due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.


Next steps


It is our priority to provide the community with information about potential project impacts as they become clearer. The further technical and design work and geotechnical investigations will help us identify specific land and property requirements as elements of the project are further defined.


Once this work is complete, we will engage directly with affected landowners and tenants to notify them whether their property is likely to be required for the project and to provide information about next steps.


Like other major infrastructure projects, Suburban Rail Loop will be subject to a planning and environmental assessment process in order to be considered for statutory approval. SRLA will ensure that potential impacts on the environment and community are considered during decision making. There will be an opportunity for you to participate as part of this formal assessment and approvals process.


It is expected that in most cases the formal land acquisition process will not begin until statutory approvals have been obtained, which are currently anticipated in 2022. Different properties will be required at different times, depending on the construction staging at each station location. Please note that we expect the first properties will not need to be vacated until at least 2022/23. Landowners and tenants affected by land acquisition will be supported throughout the process by a Case Manager.


Any acquisition of land will follow the provisions of the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 to ensure the interests of affected landowners and tenants are protected. More information is available on our website at


We fully appreciate this letter may raise questions and concerns for you. Please be assured that no final decisions have been made and that we will be in touch with you again as soon as there is more certainty around the project’s surface impacts. Should you have any questions please contact the Suburban Rail Loop information help line on 1800 105 105 or via the Contact page on our website.


Find out more


Over coming weeks and months, we will be further engaging with the community to provide more information about Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop and opportunities for you to provide input and to get involved in the assessment process.


I encourage you to register for regular project updates and to provide your feedback on the project and station precincts by visiting our website at You can also follow our Suburban Rail Loop Facebook page for regular updates as the project progresses.


Yours sincerely


Tom Considine

Acting CEO

Suburban Rail Loop Authority

SRL Stage One Stations Area of Interest Letter (PDF)