Social media policy

Suburban Rail Loop is a city and state-shaping project that will change how we move around Melbourne, creating new possibilities in the neighbourhoods associated with new stations. Once the 90-kilometre rail loop is completed, Suburban Rail Loop will connect every major rail line through our middle suburbs, from the Frankston line to the Werribee line.

Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) is responsible for the planning and delivery of the project.

Our social media channels have been created to provide relevant and timely information, share project news and updates, and offer a platform for the community to get involved. We encourage the community to engage and interact with us via our social media channels. 

Every effort will be made to respond to comments or questions as quickly as possible. Please note that our social media channels are monitored Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. They are not monitored outside these specified hours, on weekends or public holidays. 

Inappropriate comments or content published to our social media channels will not be tolerated. SRLA reserves the right to remove comments or content that is: 

  • Offensive and/or inappropriate, including, but not limited to:

• Comments or images that attack, humiliate or defame an individual or group

• Comments or images that are sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted, discriminatory or attack an individual or group based on ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation

  • Abusive or violent, or harasses other users of the platform
  • Inaccurate, misleading, or speculative
  • Repeatedly published as spam
  • Repeatedly published despite up-to-date information or a direct answer already being provided
  • Words, images or links that are not relevant to Suburban Rail Loop or SRLA

Individuals or groups will be permanently removed from SRLA’s social media channels if the above terms are repeatedly violated.

We welcome constructive and polite engagement via our social media channels and thank you for committing to respectful behaviour and conversations.

If you have any urgent queries or matters that need addressing, please call 1800 105 105 (24 hours, 7 days).