What you've told us

Article date
05 November 2020

Like everything else in 2020, our community and stakeholder consultation may have looked a little different this year – but it’s as important as ever.


Victorians have a big role to play in shaping the biggest project in our state’s history, which is why we’ve been gauging people’s views safely online.


To date, we’ve reached more than one million people via social media, had almost 150,000 website visits and received over 5000 online engagement submissions.


In June, we launched an online survey and mapping tool for Stage One, and asked people what they valued most about their neighbourhoods and what could make them even better.


We’ve had more than 1600 submissions, and counting.


Infographic with Engage Victoria survey results


From Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, and Glen Waverley, to Burwood and Box Hill – people who live, work, study and visit these communities have told us what makes them special, as well as the key challenges and opportunities, as they see them.


People are telling us they love the restaurants, retail and entertainment offerings, and highly value green parks and open space.


Access to medical and education services is important too, as well as having good walking and bike paths, taking care of the environment and being mindful of the area’s character.


Overwhelmingly, people want better public transport options and less traffic congestion.


Here are five key things we’ve learnt from your input so far:


1. Of 1600+ contributions (to October 2020) 70% were about Cheltenham, Monash and Box Hill.


2. 32% said a car is their main mode of transport, 24% said public transport and 19% said they use a combination.


3. Over the six Stage One suburbs, each said that the perceived main benefit of Suburban Rail Loop would be improved public transport options to their area.


4. Almost half said they’d like to see improved infrastructure for active modes of transport, such as walking and cycling paths, as well as better transport options and more open space and parks.


5. The characteristics people value most highly are natural, open spaces and the services or offerings that make each neighbourhood unique; retail, hospitality, health services and education.


If you’ve participated in our online engagement survey - thank you and stay tuned for further opportunities to have your say as the project progresses.


If you haven’t told us what you think yet – what are you waiting for? Visit: https://engage.vic.gov.au/suburban-rail-loop-stage-one