Stage One train stabling

Suburban Rail Loop is a city and state-shaping infrastructure project that will transform Victoria’s public transport system, connecting our suburbs and making travel faster and more convenient. 


Train stabling is a critical part of the new Suburban Rail Loop network. A stabling facility is required near the start of the rail line to allow Suburban Rail Loop’s fleet of new high-tech trains to begin services efficiently each day. It would not be possible to provide high frequency turn-up-and-go train services without it. 



Train stabling is where trains are parked when not in operation. While the trains are in the facility they are cleaned, maintained and prepared for the next day’s operations. 

Suburban Rail Loop will require a modern, efficient train stabling facility consisting of: 


  • A fenced, open-air site 
  • Train tracks 
  • Connections to the main train line 

  • Train signalling and communication systems 

  • A building to support operations 
  • A maintenance facility 



In December 2020, the Victorian Government announced the site at Old Dandenong Road, Heatherton, as the most suitable for the Stage One Suburban Rail Loop stabling facility, which will create up to 200 local jobs. 

This site was selected because it will have the least amount of impact on parkland, agricultural land and private residential and commercial property, and protects against local job losses. Other options would require far more homes and businesses to be compulsorily acquired.  


Read more information about why the site was chosen here and in our stabling brochure.




The Heatherton site will be fully assessed through the formal project planning and approvals process. An Environment Effects Statement (EES) is Victoria’s most comprehensive and transparent planning and environmental assessment process. The EES will carefully consider potential impacts of the facility on the local environment, including noise, vibration, air quality and ground movement during and after construction.

Consultation with the community is ongoing and will include further opportunities to provide input during the EES process. You can find more information about the EES on our planning page.


The stabling facility needs to be near the start of the new rail line and there is limited availability of suitable land between Cheltenham and Clayton.  

Several sites were assessed against criteria which included technical considerations, environmental and community impacts, land use, cost, and other factors. 

These assessments found the Old Dandenong Road site was most suitable. Many of the available parcels of land were not practical because they have history as former mixed landfill sites. Some, like an area near the Mordialloc Freeway project, are too small and would raise significant environmental, operational, constructability, and cost implications. Other options represent a significant impact on agricultural land or local jobs and would require significant acquisition of people’s homes and businesses. 

Read more information about why alternative sites are not suitable in our latest stabling brochure.


The Victorian Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the Chain of Parks concept and will work closely with local stakeholders and residents. 

SRLA will preserve and upgrade the neighbouring Kingston Linear and Henry Street Reserves and will work with the City of Kingston to ensure the Chain of Parks can be delivered in this community. 


SRLA is listening to local residents and businesses during the planning and development of the project and will continue to engage with the community throughout the delivery of Suburban Rail Loop.

Details about Suburban Rail Loop were first communicated to landowners and tenants near the site in October 2020 with this project letter.

Properties neighbouring the train stabling site received this letter, together with information about train stabling ahead of the announcement of the stabling site on 16 December 2020.

Online consultation started in December 2020 and remains open via the link at the bottom of this page.

SRLA has carefully reviewed the responses provided to us and identified the topics the community has highlighted as requiring more information from the project team.

The What We've Heard So Far: Community Feedback on Train Stabling for Suburban Rail Loop document provides a summary of community feedback to-date and addresses the topics that have been identified, ahead of further engagement opportunities in the coming weeks and months.


We are running information sessions in the community and welcome you to attend.

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We are actively engaging with residents, businesses and other key stakeholders to inform project design and mitigate some of the impacts of the stabling facility, including through landscaping and fencing. You can also provide your feedback on the train stabling at Heatherton, directly via the survey below.

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Should you have any questions about the project please contact the Suburban Rail Loop information help line at 1800 105 105 or via the Contact page.

The best way to stay up to date with what’s happening on the project and opportunities to be involved is to sign up for project updates.